I came 4th in the country for the NIE examination with 90% - I wanted to say thank you for your excellent products, fun delivery and preparation guidance. As an Inspector looking to convert to detective I found the two day crammer course, book and video lectures were absolutely brilliant at refreshing aspects of legislation I knew less well and covering a good range of the subjects that came up at the NIE. Your personal experiences were insightful and greatly supported the learning. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to others and actually think most officers would benefit from a course to refresh their knowledge whether they are preparing for an exam or not! Inspector Liz Hughes
I scored 89% in the NIE with the highest grade in my force and 8th highest grade in the country having only read your crammer book - thanks Police Pass! Lauren Siddall
I used your online course and I achieved 83% and got in the top 50! I just wanted to pass my thanks on to you as I found me your online courses particularly very useful. Having been my first exam I have not used other revision guides but particularly found your material very useful and user friendly. The videos were very well presented and enabled me to break down my revision into manageable chunks. It's good that your product offers more than one option as we all learn differently and it's nice to see a product that offers this choice. DAN THORPE
Just got my results for the NIE and I got 84%! I used the Police Pass videos daily and those combined with the multiple choice questions and the crammer book were just brilliant! Very glad I invested in your products. Amazing really as a mother with two kids under the age of 4 so no doubt your products helped me achieve that! Thanks Gaynor Falconi
Emailing your team a massive thank you! So unbelievably relieved to have passed first time and in my first year of service! Shocked to have come 8th nationally and score 87%, putting me in the top 1%! Your crammer course really brought it all together for me. Thank you! DJ
I used the Police pass books and online tutorials scoring 74% in the NIE exam. I was extremely impressed how they broke down a pretty monotonous subject like sexual offences, into easy to understand chapters. I scored 91% in this subject which I initially found the hardest to study and 88% in Serious Crime. Chris P
Fantastic books - good layout, easy to follow information. The books were invaluable. Much easier to follow than the dense manuals - easier to absorb the information as a result. Scored 73% in the exam just by using the books. An excellent revision resource. Vincent Formosa
I passed the NIE!! I really do think that the package I bought was worth every penny. The videos were brilliant and for me, personally it helped me to fully understand the text that I had read and put everything into context. Without the crammer books, practice questions, the two day course and especially the videos I don't think I would have been successful. The videos were invaluable. Thank you very much. BONITA BELL
Police pass ensured I was successful on my first attempt at the NIE!! The on line seminars were so helpful, combined with the practical learning at the seminar days!! The Crammer books then just helped to reinforce all my knowledge. MARY HOGAN
I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the help with the latest NIE. I'm elated to say that I passed! I scored 60% which, although it's not in flying colours, it was enough to get through to the next stage, which is all that counts I suppose. It was also above force average, that being 59%. I failed the first round of exams miserably using another provider’s manual and Paul Connor's poorly organised course and used your study aids instead, this time. The crammer course, literally a day before the exam, helped hugely; in fact, it was that, I reckon, that saw me over the finish line. Thanks again. Chris Maxim
Just to let you know that I have passed the NIE - this is the second time that I have used your products as I passed the PS exam a few years back. Brilliant support - thanks for all your help. D F.
I passed! I am really over the moon. This was my third go and the first time I have used your revision material. It was great, if not a bit amusing at times (poor old Geoff!). To make it even better I think I came top in Notts. I'll definitely be subscribing to all your Sergeants material. I attached my feedback as I thought you'd want to see what the question break down was. Thanks again and see you soon! Kate
So many thanks to the Police Pass team. I genuinely think that your videos can make that difference between pass and fail when combined with reading material. I was so pleased I felt able to recommend you to a colleague who just missed out this time. Can't tell you how glad I am not having to study every night again for the next 3 weeks! Special thanks for Gary who seems to have covered more videos. Great delivery and gave me a few laughs too which helps! R GREEN
I purchased the lectures, q&a's and crammer book and failed to follow the revision timetable. I skimmed over the contents and tried to blag my way through. No surprise but I failed by two percent. For the re-sit I utilised the 4 week revision timetable and completed the work as instructed. I sat the exam and passed with over 70 percent. The product really does work if you just follow the revision timetable. The learning style was clear, to the point and easily digestible. The package was great value for money. Ben
Currently I am working as a police officer and Financial Investigator. Four years ago the ‘powers that be’ decided my role, if done by a police officer, needed to be done by a Detective and “suggested” I take the NIE exam. I failed on two occasions and was given one last chance to pass. If I failed I would have to return to uniform patrol. This prompted me to attended one of your ‘crammer sessions’ in Birmingham towards the end of 2014. These sessions were invaluable as they made me realise sitting reading a book did not help me retain any information but, having somebody explain things in simple, practical ways did. As a result of the session and conversations with colleagues it led me to have a test for dyslexia. In December 2014 I found out I was dyslexic [this came as a bit of a shock as I assumed, like most people, dyslexia was purely about letters and numbers appearing jumbled]. This is not the case with me which is why it took 43 years before I was diagnosed. My condition meant, rather than seeing jumbled letters, I was using too much brain power to read and didn’t have capacity any left to understand and retain the information, hence the two exam fails. As a result of the dyslexia assessment I was able to get funding for a laptop and software and after 10 ½ months of hard work and revising using your video presentations and test questions I passed the exam. My pass mark, as I found out today, was 66% which was above the national average and nearly 20% higher than when I did not use your products. I would just like to thank you all for helping me through the exam. I am relieved I will not have to spend any more time sitting in a layby revising (I am the father of two young children so it was the only quiet I got). Obviously, I will still sit in laybys….I just won’t be revising. Many thanks again, T/DC Rodger
I recently passed the NIE exam thanks to this learning package, it is worth every penny. I began studying with the manual supplied by another provider - however began to struggle having only completed a few sections, I knew that I needed to try something different in order to get through the exam. The video lectures were fantastic and if it wasn’t for this package I don’t think that I would have been so successful. I used the video lectures, multiple choice online questions; Police Pass crammer book and the Blackstones Q and A book which resulted in a score that I was really pleased with. I used the 8 week time table and found this really useful, I tried to watch the video lecture before answering the police pass online questions followed by the questions in the Blackstones Q and A. The full package was available on all of my devices therefore made learning on the go really easy. I strongly recommend using police pass and I will be using them again for the OSPRE part 1 in the future. Alan R
In order to prepare for the examination I had made attempts to read the manuals provided to me, in addition I had paid for a two day crammer course presented by another provider – but I was unsuccessful. As a person with dyslexia after a lengthy discuss with you, we agreed that the Police Pass video's and the on-line q&a's would suit me, and I subscribed to the services accordingly. I started and followed a 12 week timetable, reading the manuals and then watching the topic via the video followed by a weekly 40 question Q&A mock exam. The video's for me was the best learning tool I could have ever been introduced to, it became by on-line personal tutor, which has resulted in me passing NIE with a score of 63%. I would personally like to say a massive thank you to all the team at Police Pass, your style of learning has helped me immensely and I feel without these tools I may have not been successful. As discussed I am now thinking of sitting my Sergeants exam in March 2016 and again will be looking for assistance from yourselves. Many Thanks Harry Harinder Bubbra
The Police Pass online streaming of the video learning and test questions is very good - there are loads of little videos covering the syllabus. Very handy and well structured. I am more confident using this then I was using the big books. Robert SJ
The course I attended was very impactive. The things that were taught came up! The difference between a pass and fail for sure! Z.Latif
I would like to thank you all for your support and excellent training materials and crammer course for the recent NIE. I achieved 67% which, although I know is not a stellar grade, is a clear pass which is what I wanted. I particularly remembered the part of the crammer course where it was pointed out that a search warrant for Misuse of Drugs Act was only valid for 4 weeks as opposed to 3 months and when that very question came up and it was like a light bulb moment when I read it!! Anyway thank you for everything. I have already recommended you to several people from my station who are planning to do either the NIE or sergeant's exam in the future. Take care and kindest regards. JS
Hello, I bought your course before taking the September NIE, prior to this I had only studied for my Police exams and am not from an academic back ground. Having been accepted onto the Trainee Detective Scheme I had no idea where to start with studying and what subjects to do first. At Hendon I was able to join study groups and had lessens on the subjects. Your course showed me where to begin and explained and broke down subjects I couldn’t really grasp just by reading the books. Also the mnemonics and memory aids are permanently burnt into my brain and I’m sure I will use them in the future. What I found most useful was all the examples you gave, for some reason I learn more from these and they really helped. I have just been told I passed the exam and wanted to thank you all, without your course I would not have had a chance and you made it possible for me to pass the exam. Thanks again. Richard G
I sat the course in Liverpool earlier this year. Well worth the money. Very friendly atmosphere and a well run course. Excellent tutoring. 10/10. Highly recommended. Will be re-attending for my NIE exam in the next few months. James Stamatiou
Amazing course. Two days worth while. It made something click in my head and I managed to pass exam. Thank you gents. A Humphrey
I did this course and purchased the crammer for my NIE exam last year and I came in the top 3%. I intend to buy the OSPRE ones for my next exam. Anonymous
I used the video lessons and crammer course and these guys helped me get the result I wanted. I doubt I would have without their assistance. Thanks a million, chaps! Bill
Thank you for the crammer books there were so helpful - broken down into easy to understand sections! Leila
Brilliant crammer book, much easier to read than other manuals! Well done Police Pass. Isha j
Really easy to understand revision crammer textbooks, broken down into easy to manage sections for revision which I used this alongside the MCQs - 5* products! Kelsey Mcdonald