Nppf Step 2 Examination (Ospre Part 1)

Smashed it with 94%...thanks in part to your crammer books! John T
I used both the Police Pass crammer books and other manuals. Most of the time I didn't have a clue what I had read in the other manuals but the Police Pass crammer books removed all the waffle and helped me understand. I also attended the two day course, all three of the team delivered quick and easy to understand lectures on high scoring subjects and I definitely got some extra points from the 2 days. I scored 91% and finished 1st in country in the 2015 Sgts exam. Paul Bond
I used the Police Pass video lectures to aid my study. I ended up with 89% and put most of this down to this particular study aid, I am going to sit my part 1 for Inspectors in 2015 and this will be the first product I buy. Jonathan Childs
Guys, Just wanted to say thank you for your help. I used your stuff, passed the exam with 89%, 6th in country and 1st in TVP! And that followed 76% in the NIE last Sept. It must have been all those hours listening to your dulcet tones. So thank you very much for your help. Good job, and thanks. G. TVP
I was successful in this years exam after basing my studies on your products. I gained an exceptional grade and came 9th overall nationally. Your books and course were an excellent resource and really helped. Andy
Just wanted to say thank you, I have just received my Sergeants results. I achieved an 86% exceptional pass and the highest pass mark for Essex police. This is mainly due to your crammers which I found incredibly helpful & concise. To show you the difference, I took the exam 9 years ago without your crammers and only achieved 52% fail. Paul
Wanted to thank you all and let you know that I got an exceptional pass for the Inspectors exam - 85% and 29th out of 1551 candidates nationally. Thrilled with that, thanks for all your help. The videos and books were great plus the Crammer. You certainly nailed it with the revision timetable. I'm a bit worried though as got 94% in roads policing (I'm getting a lot of stick from my colleagues) but thankfully redeemed myself with 87% in crime so exceptional in both! Thank you. Tara Denn
I used your entire police pass range (video lectures; crammers; online questions and the one day free seminar) throughout the revision process. I am pleased to say I walked away with a score of 82% overall for the Inspectors examination; and not one of my individual topic scores was below 80%. Needless to say I am more than happy with the results which are a combination of hard work and your excellent products! I can't praise Police Pass books enough! Jamie G
Thank you for assisting me through the Ospre exam. I used your online products and Crammer books and scored 85% (top 4% in the country). A very good product which cuts out a lot of the waffle that is included in other 'recommended' manuals. Alan
I have a two year old at home and my wife was heavily pregnant with our second at the time of studying for the exam, so along with working response shifts, finding time to study was difficult. The video lectures were a lifesaver as I could stick some headphones on with the chaos going on around me and watch them and then top up my knowledge from the books, which are excellent; very well written and easy to digest. I scored 82% on the exam, which was the highest in my force and 27th in the country. Thank you! Ian Smith
On the advice of my sergeant I bought the Police Pass books. I was amazed by the quality of the books, it made revising almost enjoyable. I have just received my results and achieved an 81% exceptional grade. Michael Young
I purchased the Police Pass crammers for my Insp exam and they are brilliant and were key to helping me pass. I would recommend these books to anyone looking to study for Sgt/Insp part one. Gareth
Thank you to the Police Pass team for great products that helped me pass my skippers exam with 84%.The crammers are very digestible and I would not even bother with other textbooks in future. The free one day course was also good and I actually enjoyed it. Thanks again Matthew Brown
I got an exceptional grading coming 49th in the country. Well chuffed. Used your books, online lectures and questions, and 2 day crammer course. Thanks your products are great! Kate Beel
Just wanted to say thanks for your great products and support for the recent Sgts exam. I got 77% - top in Dorset and in the top 3% in the country overall. Not too shabby! Thanks again Danny Daniel
I studied with Police Pass for the 2016 Inspectors exam. I followed the timetable, and used the books and videos. With 4 kids to juggle alongside work and studying I needed them to be spot on with their subject spotting and tutoring. They totally nailed it and I achieved a pass mark in the top 2%. Tara Denn
I used the Police Pass books, online tutorials, and attended a course and achieved an Exceptional Pass. Couldn't have done it without your resources, I will be highly recommending you to everyone I know taking the exams. Thank You Laura Eaves
I passed the Sergeants exam as 2nd in force with 76%. I was top in force for crime 92% and Roads policing 80% - so thanks very much for your course and videos. Gareth Earp
Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam, so happy! Got 71% overall and got 79% in crime which was top in my force. So grateful to police pass - excellent crammer course which definitely helped me pass! Thanks, Jo JD
To the Police Pass Team, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the fantastic study materials which helped me pass the 2016 Sergeant's Exam with flying colours. I had previously been unsuccessful on a few occasions and only used other manuals. A colleague recommended your Crammer Books and course this time round and it proved an excellent investment. The Crammer Books were very easy to read and remember. I also attended your 2 Day Crammer Course in London and your teams excellent delivery of the topics helped my revision considerably. I will definitely highly recommend Police Pass to my friends and colleagues. Neil MET Police
I just wanted to say thank you for helping me pass the Inspectors exam this year. I came a very creditable 62nd place in the country which was in no small part down to your video lectures, online questions and crammers. I've recommended you to everyone I know taking exams and will continue to do so. Steve K
I used the crammer text books, video lectures and MCQ's and achieved an exceptional pass and the highest mark in my force. I can't recommend the products enough, the books are so easy to read and understand, coupled with the video lectures and MCQ's to cement your understanding. The revision timetable was very helpful explaining where your time is best spent and what topics are worth the most marks. It is definitely worth investing your money in a product that will assist your career progression. Thank you to all the Police Pass team! Lewis
I've now done both the NIE and Ospre Part 1 exams with the help of Policepass. The books cut out all the waffle of other textbooks and get straight to what you need. Their work smarter not harder theory couldn't be more true. The e lectures are exceptional. Their knowledge and humour make the sessions easy to take in and even enjoyable. Never did I think I'd chuckle whilst revising. I honestly wouldn't consider doing another exam without them. Thanks Policepass. Keep up the good work! Sally
I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help in me passing my skippers exam. I actually failed a final exam in my basic police training, and I didn't do too well at school either; I'm really not good with exams. Using your learning material got me an exceptional grade, within the top 5% in the country!!! I'll definitely be using you again in the future. Regards, Sean. Sean
I wish to thank the whole Police Pass team for the help and training for my Sergeants exam. I did mainly 2 weeks studying just before the exam and passed this achieving an exceptional grade. I'm so impressed with all the training material. Thanks so much. Kam Tse
May I pass on my utter thanks for the products you supply and the training you deliver. I received a call from my Superintendent yesterday telling me that not only had I passed first time but I had done exceptional! I used your books, online videos and crammer courses and loved the way it was set out and delivered. Once again thank you so much and I look forward to meeting you all again when I look to start studying for my Inspectors exam. Dave Shaw
Thank you for your excellent revision products. I studied for the recent OSPRE exam exclusively using your video lectures and crammer books, and passed in the top 5% nationally. Also, the personal service I received when I had a query about a topic was very much appreciated. I would recommend your products to anyone studying for the OSPRE or NIE exam. Many thanks again, James James
I have passed the inspectors exam! As a full time working mummy Sergeant with two children aged 3 & 1 it was such a challenge. I purchased you books, on-line training and attended your two day Cranmer course and have no doubt that the style and delivery from you all enabled me to retain the information and get the pass that I had worked so hard for! The on-line training in particular was perfect for when I was too tired to physically read and absorb information and the timetable provided meant that I always had a deadline to focus on. Some of my colleagues thought I was taking too much on and towards the end I was beginning to feel disheartened but the course really helped drive home those valid points and help me eliminate wrong answers on the questions I wasn't sure of. I'm sure you get lots of thank you messages but perhaps not from many people in the position that I was in and so I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks! Vic
I passed (76%) - I attended the course which was a great consolidation to 4 months of hard work and have recommended your company to my colleagues. Thanks again Will T
Passed! Massive thanks to the Police Pass guys and material. Had the books, video tutorials and questions. I literally hear legislation in a South Wales accent now!! Makes everything so much easier to understand and remember. Over the moon! Dave Jennings
I passed my part one exam. I cannot thank your team enough for the support you have given me throughout the time I have been studying. I would again like to commend you for the way you have designed the training package and the easy to follow crammer books - who needs other manuals. Studying can be an uphill challenge being able to balance a work life along with a family life. Your crammer books along with the video lectures are unique easy to follow and deal with what you need to know keeping things very simple. Marcus
I started my revision just using another providers manuals but found that I wasn't retaining the information. This prompted me to spend the bit extra and get the Police Pass video lectures and MCQ's. They are without a doubt the reason I managed a 74% pass and I would fully recommend them to anyone taking the exam! Steve
For the 2017 sergeants exam I used the Police Pass books and the video lectures. I also attended the free one day course in London and I passed first time with a score of 74%. Massive thank you for your support! Chris Hawley
I got 71% overall and exceptional marks in Road Policing and Crime. I can safely say that the Police Pass books, videos free day course, question package and the revision timetable were a huge part in my passing this tough exam. I followed the revision timetable to the letter, and used the advice of reading through the prescribed chapter, watching the video, making my own notes and then doing the questions and repeated this process through every topic day in, day out. The videos are quite possibly the best revision aid I have ever come across. They make everything seem so basic and straight forward that it can't help to sink in. These, combined with the bullet point books have made this process as stress free as it can be. I can't thank you gentlemen enough. Firstly, for producing these things and secondly for answering panicked tweets and emails in the build up. I will be back to use you for the next step as soon as I'm able. Thank you once again, I doubt I'd have passed without your help. Mark C
Inspectors exam passed... 69%. That's sergeants and inspectors passed, first time, both times. Entirely on Police Pass products! R CROSS
Just wanted to thank you for your products and the 1 day course I attended. Thanks to you and your study guides and products I am delighted to have passed with a score of 65%. I am genuinely delighted and thank you all for your help. Steve
Thank you - without your books I don't think I would have had a chance in passing this year’s sergeants exam. Clearly something in your books and videos stuck in my mind and got me through.....I even surprised myself when I received an Inspectors pass of 65%! Not bad for a fellow Welshman. All the best and thank you again. Deenan R
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for your products which allowed me to pass the OSPRE sergeants exam. My partner has previously used your products for her NIE, so following suit, I purchased the products myself. The videos were perfect for a good understanding of the law. The given example of Riot will stay with me forever! The books were simple to use and easier to digest than other manuals, with the MCQ's perfect to just 'top up' the knowledge. I still refer them to now. I also really enjoyed the course you delivered in TVP over the three days. It was enjoyable and let me learn that little bit more. Thank you again. See you for the Inspectors in a few years. Mark A
I haven't been in formal education for 20 years and its been over 11 years since I left the depot so it's been quite a while since I have studied for anything. Police pass was the perfect product for me. I essentially had a one to one tutor in my pocket that allowed me to study at the rate that suited me. The legislation and procedures are explained in plain English with real examples making it easy to digest. First time studying for my exam.... First time passed! If I can do it... Anyone can, but you will need this package! Trevor Campbell
Thank you all for the great product that helped me get through the recent Inspectors exam. Right from the start Police Pass was an exceptional product and method of learning. I attended the free one day course in Ripley in the summer and then the two day course in Liverpool in September. I used the Video lectures and the books and have to say that your products are the best on the market today. Without doubt Police Pass gave me the edge to pass the exam, the two day course was fantastic - no nonsense this is how it is learning - absolutely brilliant. Thank you again for a first class learning experience. Jon Shield
I just wanted to thank you for your help which enabled me to pass this year’s Inspectors exam. I have been a Sgt 10 years and the majority of that has been in proactive policing. I doubted my academic ability to move further up the ranks but bought your video lectures and attended your weekend in the City of London just prior to the exam. I can say undoubtedly it helped, I scored exceptional in Traffic and Crime (Me a man who used to look out the windows at school wishing he was playing football with the big kids). Cheers guys. Dan I
Hi Adrian, Greg and Gary. (feels like I know you guys this summer! ) Wanted to pass on my thanks to you and the team. I had previously taken the OSPRE Insp Part 1, 6 times. Coming close, year on year (63%/ 64%) This year I did things differently and did the full ‘Police Pass’ way. I attended your one day workshop in Force, bought the online videos, police pass MCQ’s, crammer books and your crammer weekend. I have to say, your products made revision a whole lot easier and I approached the exam with a level of knowledge and positivity like never before. I am pleased to say I passed. Police Pass, does exactly what it says on the tin! Well done for a fab approach and some brill products. Nick L
I have just received the NPPF Insp examination result, which was a 'pass' I failed the previous years exam (2015) having used a different companies revision aids. I found your on-line lecture package and crammer books an excellent study package (the only one I used i.e. not other manuals!) and found a number of the examination questions this year featured as examples in your study pack. Thanks for building a fantastic and reasonably priced product that ultimately assisted in me passing the exam this year. DB
If you are thinking about buying these videos stop thinking about it and just do it. They are a great way to learn and much better than listening to audio books/CD's. The content is very clear, great examples, case law is covered and it really hammers home the key points you need to know to pass. As a bonus you get the soothing tones of a Welsh accent. Don't worry about the cost. You will earn it back in a month once you have your stripes! Luke Price
A big thank you to all your team for helping me pass the Skippers exam. In the past I've struggled reading text books and crammers, I purchased your video material and not only found it useful, I enjoyed it! And missed it when I stopped revising. 66% pass mark, giving me 13% more than I had got before. Followed your 10 week timetable and exams. I work as an instructor at Hendon and will be recommending this to anyone taking any exams. Hopefully, I'll be purchasing it again soon to sit my Guvnors. Again, many thanks. Phil Evans Lead Officer Safety Instructor Met Police
I studied via your video learning package, crammer books and the two day course at Bridgend. I am more than happy to say it was well worth it and provided me with a PASS at 71%! Vince G
Police Pass, I wouldn't normally feel the need to thank a company for providing a paid service, but used your online videos and MCQ’s for the recent OSPRE inspectors exam and believe in praise where it's due. I passed at the first attempt and achieved one of the best scores in my force. My score was also significantly higher than the one obtained for my Sgt’s exam some years ago, which came from reading and competitor’s MCQ’s. Your videos were especially useful and presented many of the key concepts in clear, bite-sized chunks. The MCQ's also helped to consolidate the learning. For my learning style, the products did not replace the need to read the books, but provided some excellent methods for demystifying and retaining the information. I will be recommending your products to colleagues. Andy P
I just wanted to express my gratitude towards the guys and all of the staff on the police pass team. From day one with helping me to install my new online products onto both my mobile device and home computer I must say that the service, support and help was first class. The police pass team have a range of products to which i personally invested in the online lectures with the questions attached which was one of the best investments that i had made in a long time. I found the lectures both informative and light hearted with a great deal of trigger words and acronyms which stuck in the memory and worked for me. My missus often said that she found me giggling away to myself in front of the computer screen listening to Greg, Gary and Adrian. I also wanted to double make sure that the information I was getting from the lectures was sinking in so I enrolled on one of the two day courses on offer which was again, a fantastic two enjoyable days course. This course not only reinforced my learning but also gave me some priceless revision tips too. If you are serious about passing the exam then I can't recommend police pass highly enough. In short I passed with flying colours and you can do it to with some hard work, dedication and police pass products. Thanks again guys! Chris
All I can say is WOW you guys really know your stuff. After a recommendation I put the fate of my exam in your hands. This is the complete package, it comes in an easy to follow format the time table was a great help in aiding me to stay committed and track my progress. Some of the videos are hilarious with bizarre stories it all helps with the learning curve. I managed to pass on my first attempt, a really big thank you with this product you cannot go wrong. Great Stuff, a real AAA product. Kelly Collins
I attended your crammer course in Bridgend and used your crammer books and E-learning / MCQ package. Without your great products I wouldn't have passed the Inspectors exam. The course itself was delivered very professionally and in such a fashion that the content stays with you and comes back to you in a flash during the exam. The E-Learning / MCQ package in particular is simply superb. What a top notch revision aid. Your products are a must for anybody sitting an OSPRE promotion examination. Very highly recommended. Stuart Crocker
I simply wanted to say thanks for a great product. I sat my part 1 in October after a previous fail the year before I decide to get the Police Pass E-learning and found it really effective and I am happy to say I was successful this year improving my mark by 14% and the areas I had previously been weakest saw even greater improvement! Alex
Big thank you to Police Pass. I've just got 74% in the Insp exam. I wouldn't have done it without using Police Pass. It was well worth doing a bit of overtime to pay for their products. Went the whole hog - free one day course, books, video lectures and crammer course. The books are well laid out. The videos are very good especially when you're tired of reading. The crammer a week before the exam consolidated it all. Mike
Thanks police pass. Got through my Inspectors part 1 and could not have done this without your products. Would recommended to my colleagues. Audrey King
I purchased the e-lectures and MCQ's and found it an invaluable tool throughout my 6 months of study. I watched the whole e-lectures syllabus 3 times during the 6 months, the first time I watched the lectures without interruption, the second time I paused the lectures and made written notes, and the third time in the week before the exam I watched them uninterrupted again. I completed countless MCQ's to compliment my learning and I ended up with a 68% pass in the exam. A fantastic product and I would not have passed without it. Alan Mckeon
I purchased the video lectures and benefited from having 3 quality tutors from the comfort of my own home. Bite size, manageable chunks of learning covering complicated aspects of law. My Evidence and Procedure section was graded as exceptional and I could not have achieved this without Adrian s input. A quality product. Work smart not hard but above all work! Huw Toghill
I found Police Pass books very easy to follow. Wouldn't use anything else. Cheers. Andrew Smart
The content is superb: all the legal information you need, distilled into four sensibly-sized volumes. The books are written clearly, in simple, unambiguous English, easy to understand and remember. Polly
Greg, Gary and Adrian I would like to say a big Thank You. I achieved a result of 74% in my Sergeants exam. The exam was very difficult but the knowledge I acquired from your materials really helped me obtain a good result. The books were very reader friendly and I liked the humour used in the books and in the question reviews. Sean M
Had the books for the Sergeants exam and did the 2 day course - I passed first time! Followed the same process this year for my Inspectors and passed first time. The books and the course make revision easier! So pleased. Wouldn't have done it without Police Pass. Sarah Lewis
Don't waste your time wading through other textbooks. Easy to read books that cover everything you need to know to pass Ospre part 1. They even sent a replacement book when I left one on a plane a couple of weeks before the exam. Mark
I would definitely recommend these crammer books instead of other manuals. Makes studying easier and focuses on main points needed Sean Bradbury
These books are a complete god send, they are all I read along with online questions. They are easy to read and far less wordy than the manuals. I would recommend them to anyone. Lauren Barnes
I took the plunge to take the sergeants exam this year. Must be time to do it I thought. Bought a "competitors" books. You know the ones. They thudded onto my desk, weighty tomes of small print. So dry and boring they could have been a service station sandwich. I started to read (note - not learn) and then realised that I was highlighting every word out of desperation. Then a lightbulb moment. A one day Crammer course from Police Pass. It started with some harsh reality. Countdown to the exam date. 88 days has never seemed so little time. Then moral boosting, tips, techniques and a gentle (sort of) kick up the backside. Refocused I flipped through the Crammer books in the tea break. Within 5 minutes I had learnt more than in an hour of the other books. Written in way that talks to police officers and reminds you that in OSPRE land it is the law that counts! 3 of my Blackstones haven't been opened. Why would I? The three day Crammer course was the icing on the cake. The welsh lilt ringing in my ears, the driest subject matter (yep - traffic) was made bearable and relative. Unbelievable! It's not rocket science. You need to put the work in. A lot of work, but we all work silly shifts, try to balance life and policing is hard at the hardest times. Throw in revision and you're entering a whole different world. But you can do it. Police Pass made it relative, more human and helped translate the world of OSPRE. It's money very well spent! Lisa
I purchased these books in 2010, and passed the skippers exam. Used the same book this year and have just passed the inspectors exam. In simple terms, if you apply yourself to these books then you will pass. Do not waste your cash on anything else. Nick Paling
I used the Police Pass revision crammer textbooks for OSPRE part 1 and passed first time. I also used the twitter feed which was brilliant. Other manuals were just too heavy going for me - but your books are great! Kat Maguire
I used the books along with e learning package. They are very easy to read and they put everything across in simple terms. I found them a lot easier than other books I bought which I found were too heavy going. They are just the right size for taking with you to work and chucking in your bag. They certainly helped me pass. Mark Barlow
I passed and got 71% in the exam. I decided to purchase a combination of products because the other provider’s manuals seemed like far too much effort. I looked at your stats which were perfect for targeting my revision and basically all I did was read through the crammers prior to going through the MCQ books. I then attended the two day course which was perfect for reinforcing what I had already learnt. Thanks again and I cannot recommend your products enough and I will definitely point colleagues in your direction in the future. Zaid Hadi
I used the Police Pass revision crammer textbooks to pass my part 1 exam first time. Highly recommended. I took my books everywhere with me, they came in very handy on train journeys! Easy to ready and makes everything seem so easy and clear would definitely recommend Julie Cosson
I have used Police Pass products to get me to Sgt and to pass the NIE. Their products are now assisting with my preparation for the Insp exam this year. To prepare for a police exam otherwise, is for me unthinkable. Highly recommended. LG
Very accurate course covering in detail the main topic areas. I enjoyed the course as it worked with my learning style as I struggled digesting the information in the books. It also provided essential exam trip ups and case law that was needed in the exam. I would encourage any future candidate to invest in police pass, as both my revision partner and I did as we both got exceptional results. Andy Wilson
Thank you for your help, I passed with 76%! Over the moon and surprised I got an exceptional mark. I used the crammer books, one day free session, two day paid session and Q and A's. The crammer books are an easier read than other text books and easier to digest and are complimented well by the revision session. Thank you again and I'm sure I will see you in the future sometime. Matt
Good afternoon I just wished to write to extend my gratitude to Police Pass, especially to Gary, Adrian and Greg. In January this year I completed my two year’s probation and in March I sat the Sergeants exam and passed. There is no doubt in my mind that without Police Pass this would not have been possible. The online lectures and the two day course were invaluable, and the books also made it easy to remember information. I actually said to my colleague before i got the result that i wouldn't mind if i failed because it would mean having to watch the lectures again, that's how much i enjoyed them ( i realise that's quite tragic) So anyway, again, thank you so much. I will definitely be recommending all Police Pass products to anyone thinking of sitting the exam. Elin Sion
I just wanted to thank you for your assistance and the excellent learning points during the crammer course weekend. I received the results for the Sgt's promotion exam and I passed! Many thanks Martin
I started with the crammer books and online video lectures from police pass and used them for my Insps this year. I was so pleased with the video lectures in particular; sound knowledge and good humour makes what these 3 chaps tell you stick. It really does work! I then bought their question bank and did their 2 day crammer course which was excellent. All of this together with their snappy Twitter feed works - trust me! You have to trust these guys - they know what they're talking about so have faith! With their support and a lot of hard work a pass is achievable! Thanks so much. Mark Alinson
I did the two day Sergeants Crammer. The trainers are superb, they deliver the training with fantastic knowledge, operational experience and humour. Never before has a course kept my attention throughout. I passed first time with 64%. I cannot recommend it enough! Mel Moody
I attended the course just before my inspectors part one - I was woefully unprepared for the exam before having only read through the crammer books once. I fully believe this course is the sole reason I passed the exam first time. Thanks guys!! Daniel Marshall
I attended the 2 day Cramer in Liverpool for the Inspectors exam. I passed with 76%!! The team have a unique training style and use scenarios which you remember. They have an in depth knowledge and were able to answer all our queries. I cannot recommend enough. Your brain will be fit to burst by the end of day 2! A big thank you. Sarah
I attended one of the 2 day courses being run at South Wales FHQ. The 2 days were fantastic, the trainers put everything across in a very easy to learn style and manner. I also used their books and e learning package. Thanks to these guys I passed first time around. Mark Barlow
I passed and got 71% in the exam. I decided to purchase a package of products because other provider’s manuals seemed like far too much effort. I looked at your stats which were perfect for targeting my revision and basically all I did was read through the crammers prior to going through the MCQ books. I then attended the two day course which was perfect for reinforcing what I had already learnt. Thanks again and I cannot recommend your products enough and I will definitely point colleagues in your direction in the future. Zaid Hadi
I attended the 2 day course and I have no doubt that this course along with my police pass books is what made me pass with a score of 71% excellent 2 days spent, delivery was outstanding I would 100% recommend this to anyone taking either the Ospre or NIE exam. Julie Cosson